Kathleen E. Brush’s Blended Gift to Fund Women’s Leadership Program

Photo of Kathleen E. BrushKathleen E. Brush is giving back with a blended gift to establish and fund The Kathleen Brush Program for Women in Leadership. Kathleen earned an M.B.A. from Florida Atlantic University (FAU) in 1980 after transferring in from Florida Technological University, now known as University of Central Florida. She had no idea what she wanted to study when first arriving at FAU. Before choosing business as a focus of her studies, she took classes in many different fields but learned that business was where she excelled and could really take off.

She loved the business program from the beginning, but what Kathleen loved most about FAU were the friends she met. Her closest friends at FAU were women; they shared values that bound them together, and they were all driven to succeed. While they all knew they would have to work much harder to get ahead in their careers than the men in their programs, they were tenacious. All of them would enjoy successful careers.

Kathleen’s career path was moving ahead, but she thought her management skills needed to improve—so she earned a Ph.D. in Management and International Studies from The Union Institute. Her newly acquired skills were indispensable to leading employees to drive the bottom line while simultaneously making sure everyone was enjoying the process.

Kathleen driving at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in a vintage 1948 Indy car. She drove 12 laps at over 100 mph. Of the 100 vintage drivers, only two were women.

Kathleen said that over the years she came to believe, “women have some inherent skills to be better leaders than men. For example, they like helping employees and sharing successes. I decided I wanted to play a role in increasing the number of women leaders that saw improving employee lives and the bottom line as a simultaneous process.”

In her later years Kathleen has focused her efforts on breaking down barriers to gender equality for leadership in business. She has recently partnered with FAU College of Business by making a blended estate and cash gift to establish and fund The Kathleen Brush Center for Women in Leadership, Committed to the Preparation and Promotion of Women in Leadership. This Executive Education program inducts its first class in September 2018 and will achieve its mission by offering a multi-faceted program, which includes an academic program, mentors, and networking.

Kathleen has passion and energy for facilitating a solution to the chronic problem of gender inequality in senior positions of leadership. With her generous blended gift to FAU—consisting of a $1,000,000 bequest and a $250,000 cash gift to establish and fund the program—she is creating a legacy of partnership, teaching, and mentoring that will help women succeed and advance to the highest levels in their careers. Kathleen knows the challenges and rewards of being a C-suite executive firsthand, and she wants this program with FAU to help prepare women to successfully navigate and flourish throughout their professional journeys.


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