Thoughtful Planning Helps Students Forever

Bob Schattner

Bob Schattner has always been civically engaged. He chaired his chamber and community college foundation in New Jersey. When he came to Boca Raton, Bob quickly connected to FAU’s College of Business and began mentoring entrepreneurs.

He started the Robert L. Schattner Endowed Fund in 2010 to provide scholarships to FAU business students, and Bob has added steadily to his fund through gifts and the creation of charitable gift annuities. The annuities offer him the benefit of income — in excess of what he might receive from CDs or dividends. What remains after his lifetime will strengthen his fund for students forever.

“FAU has done extraordinary things in its history of 53 years,” Bob offered. “What it has accomplished in such a short time is remarkable.”

Bob enjoyed a long career in the health care industry and owned a plant in New Jersey that manufactured health care equipment. He understands business and is honored to help the next generation of entrepreneurs.

“Charitable gifts to FAU are investments in our future. I tell students to remember, 25 years from now, that someone cared enough to help you succeed. When you succeed, you should do the same by investing in the future of those who follow.”



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