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FAU and the FAU Foundation

The Florida Atlantic University Foundation Inc. is a charitable nonprofit and direct support organization established for the benefit of Florida Atlantic University. The terms FAU and FAU Foundation are often used interchangeably in our information since the FAU Foundation is organized and operated exclusively to receive, hold, invest and administer your donations for Florida Atlantic University. Be assured that your charitable gifts to the FAU Foundation are used to support FAU according to your wishes (scholarships, program and general support, professorships, research and more) and are considered tax-deductible contributions to the extent allowed by law.


Scholarships are a powerful way to help students realize the dream of higher education. For many students, scholarships are critical to the completion of their degrees. The FAU Foundation will work with you to learn what you would like your scholarship to accomplish and to prepare criteria and guidelines so that the scholarship that bears your name reflects your unique intentions.

Of the many opportunities available for supporting FAU, none more directly affects the quality and future of our students than scholarships. You may create an expendable scholarship fund which you can replenish from year to year, or you may choose to create an enduring, endowed scholarship which will provide vital support to students in your name in perpetuity. Contact us for assistance, to create a scholarship that meets your needs and the needs of our students today and into the future.

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Endowed Scholarships vs. Expendable Scholarships

An endowed scholarship is designed to provide perpetual awards based on the principal and earnings of the endowed fund. Endowed scholarships carry the name of the donors or persons they wish to honor, or they may be given a name to protect the donors’ anonymity. Endowed funds are the perfect vehicle to create a charitable legacy for yourself, a loved one or even a friend. Just as Benjamin Franklin established endowed scholarships more than 200 years ago—which help students today—so you can create a powerful charitable legacy in your name to help students forever.

An expendable scholarship does not accrue interest and will be awarded based upon the available balance. For example, an expendable scholarship into which $10,000 has been given can provide up to $10,000 in assistance. As the fund grants its balance to students, donations may be added to sustain it. Expendable scholarships will terminate when funds are no longer sufficient to make awards.


Endowed funds provide a lasting source of support for the University. Donors may give either outright or planned (deferred) gifts to establish these funds. For many, planned gifts are the ideal way to create an endowed fund—a permanent legacy of giving for FAU’s future.

Endowed funds are invested and a team of investment professionals carefully manages the total fund portfolio to preserve and enhance its assets. If the fund is unrestricted, a designated spending allocation from the fund’s income will be used to meet the highest priorities of the University. If the fund is restricted, this spending allocation can only be used for the purposes agreed to by you, the donor. Gift agreements, carefully created by both you and the FAU Foundation, capture your wishes and our understanding of how your endowed fund will be used.

Types of Endowed Funds

Endowed funds must be funded at certain levels and may be designated for any school, department or program at the University. There are several types of these restricted funds:

•    Scholarships
•    Professorships
•    Research
•    Academic Chairs
•    Fellowships
•    Lecture Series and Programs

For more information about establishing a scholarship or endowed fund, please contact us at gift.planning@fau.edu or



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