Edgewater Pointe Estates:
Investing in the Future

Nancy Taubman, chairperson of Edgewater Pointe Estates' scholarship committee (middle), with scholarship recipients Agatha Romiero (left) and Kyla Robinson (right).

Since 1992, the residents of Edgewater Pointe Estates, a retirement community in Boca Raton, have helped deserving students attend Florida Atlantic University through the Edgewater Pointe Estates Scholarship Fund. Edgewater Pointe awards several scholarships each semester to their full- or part-time employees, most of whom work as dining room wait staff.

The late John Byerly established the fund with an initial deposit of $10,000. Along with matching funds from the state and additional contributions by Edgewater Pointe residents over the years, the endowment has grown to $325,000.

Since its establishment, more than 85 members of Edgewater Pointe's wait staff have been able to attend FAU with the assistance of these scholarships. Recipients maintain a minimum grade point average and continue to work at Edgewater Pointe 12 hours or more each week. The scholarships not only help the students achieve their educational goals, but they also help the community retain good employees.

Nancy Taubman, chairperson of Edgewater Pointe's scholarship committee, has been a resident for only two years but wasted no time getting involved. She and her husband, Sheldon, have always been involved with volunteer work and, as a retired high school English teacher, Nancy understands the importance of education. The Taubmans and other scholarship committee members organize several fundraising efforts each year, most recently earning $3,000 in three months from their Summer Challenge Campaign.

"Like many of the wait staff here at Edgewater Pointe Estates, I worked my way through college, so I understand the challenges they face," Nancy says. "I have enjoyed getting to know these wonderful young people and I am happy that I can help them receive an education at FAU."



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